Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Reborn! revolves around Sawada "Tsuna" Tsunayoshi, also referred to as "No Good Tsuna" because he is basically bad at everything he does. His life changes drastically once he meets Reborn, a baby hitman who came to Japan to train Tsuna into becoming the next head of the Vongola family, a mafia family with its headquarters in Italy.


Basil is the codename for one of the supporting characters in the series, Basilicum. He's a member of the CEDEF, the external advisors for the Vongola family, brought up and trained by Sawada Iemitsu (Tsuna's father). Basil is a skilled fighter, who also uses the Dying Will Flame, just like Tsuna. However, to get into this mode, he does not get shot with bullets, but instead, he takes pills given to him by Iemitsu. Unfortunately, we don't get many chances to see his strength, but perhaps the upcoming fight with Byakuran and the Six Funeral Wreaths will bring some change in that.

Basil plays a minor role in the series, but aside from supporting Tsuna and co., his characterization also brings us several moments of laughter. Iemitsu brought Basil up to have a soft spot for the Japanese culture, so for example, Basil enjoys to wash his clothes on a washboard and to wear traditional Japanese clothing. He was also taught to use an archaic manner of speaking, using words like "thou", "thee" and "thy". Who would've guessed Basil was naive enough to believe everything Iemitsu told him?